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Advanced Racing Suspension 5500 Series QM Shock


The 5500 Series shock is designed especially for Quarter Midgets. It has a hard black anodized aluminum body. This shock uses CNC machined aluminum internal parts designed for racing with no aftermarket parts. This shock has a combination of a base valve design, which allows for very low rod pressure, and a check valve. This shock comes with or without an air valve. The Air Valve allows you to fine tune your gas pressure.
This shock accepts 1 5/8” I.D. Springs.

***The New M1 Piston has allowed us to create a shock that is all around superior in todays quarter midget suspensions market. We have been able to create a more consistent shock especially through the long runs. With the M1 Piston we are able to control the flow by placing set screws into the holes on the compression and rebound side allowing us to keep a consistent and smooth valving curve throughout the shock. Any previous ARS Shock can be updated to our latest valving with the New M1 Piston! (ALL NEW SHOCKS HAVE THE M1 PISTON INSTALLED)***

  • Select Standard Non Air Valve or Air Valve
  • Choose pre built valving (ARS list rebound as the first number and compression as the second number. I.E. 3/4 is 3 rebound 4 compression. Single digit valving represents both rebound and compression as same valving number)
  • Custom built valving built on request please call


Have a Question CALL NOW 626-222-6298